BRIGHT LAMP Security & Safety Division is a growing fire protection, safety equipment and systems company operating in Eastern Province of the Saudi Arabia. We provide an unparalleled, complete range of capabilities and total service which include:

design, supply, installation, testing, commissioning, inspection and maintenance services.

With the ability to evaluate a broad range of solutions for any fire-protection problem - large or small - BLE brings together the scientific and technological expertise of leading manufactueres with its contracting, installation and service experience. BLE proudly incorporates the most advanced technologies available for any type of work. Regardless of the challenge, BLE has the people, the products, the financial resources and the expertise to handle the project from start to finish - complete turnkey installation of security, safety and fire protection systems.

In line with the comprehensive scope of our advisory services, materials supply, repair & maintenance services, BLE carries a large inventory of specialized security and safety items. We keep for ready-supply various types of with all accessories, all type and sizes of fire extinguishers, portable, mobile and fixed fire monitors, wide range of effective fire nozzles, a range of fire-safety valves, various diameters of industrial and municipal fire hoses, all types of fire-fighting fire entry suits and fire retardant station uniforms including fire helmets, fire gloves and fire boots, a large selection of chemical suits against all type of chemicals at various concentrations, safety equipments such stretchers, burn kits, flashlights, various types of safety shower, personal protection, gas masks and accessories, fire alarm and extinguishing systems and a range of specialized equipments. BLE has an established firefighting and safety equipment businss which is also involved in marketing and distribution of a wide range materials, services and equipments for many industrial activities.

The service teams are fully equipped and carry their tools and spare parts in the service vehicles to assure that they are able to provide the customers with the best service facilities possible. The Management is fully committed to maintaining a high quality and standard for customer service.

All projects are managed under a quality plan, developed and executed in accordance with the ISO-9000 format. The plan as a minimum establishes the responsibility and authority of the Project Manager for implementing the project Quality System, the minimum acceptable level of quality, the steps to be taken to meet that level of quality, the minimum level of documentation to be submitted to verify compliance, inspection plans and procedure and disposition of non-conforming and work.

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